Celebrate Thanksgiving Day with “The Turkey Dance!”

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Autumn is a beautiful season. It’s also the time of the harvest, when farmers gather the food they’ve grown. In many countries, there are harvest festivals or special “Thanksgiving” days during which people give thanks for what they have. In the United States, many people celebrate with their families, and often enjoy a dinner together that includes roast turkey.

This song is a wonderful way to celebrate Thanksgiving Day in your home or school. It’s called The Turkey Dance, and as you can imagine, it gives children a chance to dance like . . . . turkeys!!

Here are the lyrics, which go to the tune of “Turkey in the Straw.”

The Turkey Dance

Words by Kathleen Kampa and Charles Vilina, music adapted from Turkey in the Straw

copyright © 2013 by Kathleen Kampa

Spoken: It’s Thanksgiving Day.  Let’s move like turkeys.

First, Move your elbows!

Move your elbows, do the Turkey dance

Move your elbows, do the Turkey dance

Stamp your feet and shout “Hooray!”

Gobble. Gobble. It’s Thanksgiving Day.

2. Now move your hips. . .

Move your hips, do the Turkey dance

Move your hips, do the Turkey dance

Stamp your feet and shout “Hooray!”

Gobble. Gobble. It’s Thanksgiving Day.

3. Now move your knees. . . .

4. Now move your head . . . .

5. Now move your whole body!

Teacher’s Notes:

In this dance, students are pretending to be turkeys.

1.  Make turkey wings by moving your elbows.

2.  Make a tail by putting your hands behind your back, and moving your hips.

3.  Move your knees like you’re strutting.

4.  Move your head forward and back.

5.  Choose your favorite movements, or make some new ones.  Dance!

Here’s a simple version of Kathy’s song on piano.

For a wonderful “hoedown” professional version that children LOVE to dance to, listen to The Turkey Dance on iTunes!

Have a wonderful day!

Kathy and Chuck

ms kampa 12-8

One thought on “Celebrate Thanksgiving Day with “The Turkey Dance!”

  1. Reblogged this on MagicTimeKids and commented:

    Thanksgiving Day will be observed in the US in just two weeks! Celebrate with your young learners by doing the Turkey Dance! I’m reposting this blog from last year for those who might have missed it. Enjoy dancing with your kids to the Turkey Dance! Gobble, Gobble!!!

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