Audio & Video

With so many great songs, chants, and movement activities to share with our children, this page will contain sample audios, videos, and links to help support teachers.  We hope to share ideas of our own, as well as content from other respectable sources.

Jump Jump Everyone, is available at iTunes and Amazon Music.

Kathy Kampa’s Special Days and Holidays, is available at iTunes and Amazon Music.  This also includes our famous Skeleton Dance as a bonus track!

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Our first video that we’d like to share is Skeleton Dance, a song Kathy wrote for her young learners.  It’s a lively song that children love to dance to, and it teaches body parts and directional words.  It’s perfect for any time of the year, including Halloween of course!  This song is available for teachers, parents, and children on iTunes and Amazon music.

Here is Kathy’s new video for Trick or Treat. Usually the children march around the room, but children can easily follow this version.