Magic Time, published by Oxford University Press, is a two-level course for children learning English for the first time. Authors Kathleen Kampa and Charles Vilina have created “many ways to learn” on every page of Magic Time with colorful visuals, friendly characters, engaging songs and chants, and a variety of games and activities. With each new lesson, children gain confidence as they communicate with others in English.
Everybody Up, published by Oxford University Press, is a seven-level course that motivates children by linking the English classroom to the wider world.  Through Everybody Up, authors Patrick Jackson, Susan Banman Sileci, Kathleen Kampa, and Charles Vilina encourage children to use language in a natural and meaningful way by connecting English to their own lives.  Fun stories, great songs by award-winning songwriters, and cross-cultural lessons create a fun and motivating approach to learning English.
Oxford Discover aims to create young thinkers with great futures. Using an inquiry-based approach to learning, Oxford Discover develops the communication skills and thinking skills students need for success in the 21st century.
How do we measure time? Why do people write poems? Where does energy come from?
Oxford Discover uses Big Questions such as these to tap into students’ natural curiosity. It enables them to ask their own questions, find their own answers, and explore the world around them.
This approach to language learning and literacy, supported by a controlled grammar and skills syllabus, helps students achieve near-native fluency in English.
Oxford Discover gives teachers the tools to develop children’s 21st century skills, creating young thinkers with great futures.

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