Melody Roll Call!


When we begin a new English class with a group of young learners, we want to guide them toward the following goals from the very beginning:


1.  We want students to get to know everyone’s names.

2.  We want students to develop the confidence to respond independently.

3.  We want students to respond as a group.

4.  We want students to become comfortable with singing in class.

Fortunately, we can achieve all of these goals by beginning each class with a melody roll call.  It’s so catchy, students will learn it by the second week and expect it by the third.  It requires the simplest of melodies:  Sol – Mi – Sol – Mi  and Sol – Mi – Do

Teacher:    Where         is          Mariko?       (Sol – Mi – Sol – Mi)

Mariko:       Here           I             am!             (Sol – Mi – Sol – Mi)

If a student is absent, then the entire class chimes in!

Teacher:    Where         is          Kenta?        (Sol – Mi – Sol – Mi)

Class:         I               don’t        know!         (Sol – Mi – Do)

Our students love beginning each class with this activity.  It also demonstrates the power of music in supporting pronunciation — within one month every student is articulating the words (including the contraction don’t) with native precision.  Try it tomorrow, even if your class has been together for a while!

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